Sunday, September 8, 2013

Just a little about me...

I have been crocheting since my mother taught me at the age of eight. Along with sewing and writing, this past time has always been one of my favorites especially around Christmas time.

Christmas giving is not complete without a homemade Christmas ornament to be made and given to each and every family member.  Whether crocheted or crafted, I have continued this personally made tradition over the last several years.

In the past, I had often become discouraged with not finding the perfect crocheted ornament pattern, so I began designing my own.  I had often designed my own patterns for gifts, like purses, ponchos, scarves etc... But ornaments were new for me and I actually feel they were a success.

I looked into getting my ornaments published by a publisher but discovered once you hand over your designs, you no longer have rights to them nor does anyone else should they want to make a living at creating and selling them.  All the work and love that I put into these designs for my own purposes, I would love to share with you.

Eventually, I hope to compile all of these ornament patterns into a book in the near future.  In the meantime, I am selling the instructions along with helpful photos for each individual ornament. Right now, my patterns are available to purchase on Etsy.  You should soon be able to find my designs on Amazon as well.

Please do not copy, sell or distribute this pattern.  You do have my permission, however, to create and sell any of these finished ornaments at your local fan fair, craft show or consignment shop. If you are interested in selling these items online, please just mention the pattern is by Kimber Shook. Or if you are interested in purchasing any of these finished products, for an up, close and personal view, please search for me on Etsy at Kimber Shook’s Designs. Finished products coming soon in limited quantities.

You may find some items not available at this time since I am still in the process of adding to Etsy weekly.  I also hope to have items available on other websites in the near future as well.

Please check back here for inspirational designs and up-and coming designs that will be soon be made available.